The ART of the FINISH

Auto Body Painting

The ART of the FINISH…

I think it would be safe to say that we all love a custom paint job when we see one done right.  It seems that when a custom painter is spoken about, they receive more recognition than a regular painter; at least that seems to be the case on popular TV shows.  And sure, there’s no question that there’s talent in custom paint work for they certainly deserve the respect they receive.

Now, the other component to the finish team is the body technician. He is often overlooked, but unless the area is properly repaired for the painter, he will not be able to get that perfect finish. Unless you happen to see the vehicle after the collision and then when repairs are done, that’s when you see a true artist’s work appear.  But let’s consider what is actually happening here.  The body repair technician is creating a perfect canvas to help the painter create a “photo-realistic” art piece.  The skill of the painter to achieve this result, especially with difficult color blends and specialty paint finishes like metallic flecks requiring a three-stage process, is amazing. They do it so well we often don’t notice.  For example, if you were at a stop light and the vehicle next to you was in an accident, but when you look over your shoulder, you see a well designed, factory painted and factory finished product. You DON’T see a repaired vehicle.  That’s the point. You aren’t supposed to see it. It is supposed to look original. This is where some would say the true artist is reviled.

There’s a Phrase for that.

There is a phrase for this and we’ve covered it in previous articles.  You can read up on it by CLICKING HERE.  The phrase is called Invisible Repair.  This phrase has been around for a while, and it was originally referenced for basic color matching.  But we take it to the next level by “matching” and blending the repaired areas to the vehicle’s original condition, even with the most difficult color formulas. Paint color is probably the easiest component to visually recognize, but of course this isn’t the entire picture.  There are a lot of other considerations such as frame repair, body repair, mechanical repair, accents and accessories to restore the vehicle to the required “pre-accident condition”.

Bringing it all together.

When looking at a vehicle, we do in fact see the final product, that typically is the paint and form of the vehicle. To get to this point, a number of artists had to bring their trade to a “finished” state before moving on to the next phase.  Each repair technician, or artist as we will refer to them in this article, is required to take their work to a completed and finished stage before going to the next station.  In future articles we will discuss the progress of the repair and how a vehicle transitions from one point to another based on it’s original evaluation and estimation process.

Once the vehicle has moved from the various stations needed to bring it to the paint stage, that’s when we see the culmination of all the work coming to a finished point.  So remember, even though the paint and finish of the vehicle may seem like that’s where the artistry lies, we in fact now know, there are several artists throughout the process making the repair to a damaged vehicle truly invisible!!!



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