Fun Auto Facts: What a Waste of Time

Stuck in Traffic

Stuck in TrafficThe average American spends about 38 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Fun Auto Facts: Prison can cost you time

Burnouts in Kansas

Burnouts in KansasKansas: do a burnout and go to prison.

Fun Auto Facts: Premium gasoline is not always needed

premium gasoline

premium gasolineAmericans wasted US$2 billion in 2015 putting premium gasoline into cars that don’t need it.

Fun Auto Facts: Exchanging pizza for a car

Trading pizza shares for a use vehicle

Trading pizza shares for a use vehicleDomino’s Pizza co-founder traded his 50% of shares for a used Volkswagen.

Fun Auto Facts: Chances of dying from a car wreck

Chance of dying in wreck

Chance of dying in wreckThe odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5,000.

Crazy Auto Laws: Women Drivers in Memphis & New Orleans

Crazy Law in New Orleans & Memphis

Crazy Law in New Orleans & MemphisMemphis and New Orleans: It is illegal for a woman in New Orleans to drive a car unless her husband is waving a flag in front of it.

Fun Auto Facts: Ban the Music

Law to Ban Radio

Law to Ban RadioWhen the car radio was introduced, some states wanted to ban it arguing that it could distract drivers and cause accidents.

Q. Could you drive without a radio?

Fun Auto Facts: Volkswagen

Fact about Volkswagen

Fact about VolkswagenVolkswagen owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati and Porsche.

Crazy Auto Laws: Shooting game from a moving vehicle

Tennessee and California shooting laws

Tennessee and California shooting lawsIn Tennessee and California, it is illegal shoot any game other than whales from a moving automobile.

Q. Do you think anyone has ever hit a whale from a moving vehicle?

Fun Auto Facts: Girls in a Car

19 Girls crammed in car

19 Girls crammed in carDid you know that up to 19 girls can be crammed into a smart car?

In 2010, Nineteen girls from Pakistan managed to fit into a smart car and get their names put in the Guinness Book of World Records.