The Foundation of Automotive Collision Repair

Unibody & Frame Repair

Frame Straightening


After an auto accident it’s common to wonder if your car will ever be the same. You can have peace of mind that your vehicle frame will be repaired to factory specifications when you bring it to DRIVE Collision Centers.

Our specialized staff can work on any type of frame, whether unibody or full frame. We have the ability to repair all sizes of vehicles: compact, full-size, large SUV and also have the capacity to pull full-size trucks up to F450 frames used by ambulance services. And as always with DRIVE Collision Centers, your repairs come with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

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Framing Equipment

At DRIVE Collision Centers your auto repairs are performed using industry-leading technology like our laser measuring system for frame straightening. This technology, paired with expertise of our auto repair technicians, provides the precision to restore your car to its factory specifications and sometimes even better.

Duz Mor Magnum 360 LW Series

Duz Mor Magnum 360 LW Series

Frame Straightening Machine

At DRIVE Collision Centers only the best will do, that’s why we use the DUZ MOR Magnum 360 LW Series Frame Rack (The 4th Generation of the Famous Cage) which allows us to make pulls in any direction and straighten the frame and repair structural damage to your vehicle.

This DUZ MOR machine is 21 ft. long and has 3 towers with 10 ton of 360 degree 3-dimensional push and pull capacity. The DUZ MOR 360 machine makes it possible to effectively and affordability repair almost any damage to frames and chassis instead of replacing these components. In many cases this can be the difference to whether a unit can be saved or be classified a total loss.

Our technicians are specially trained on the DUZ MOR frame straightening machine. This experience is one more reason why customers choose us to straighten their frame. We also provide repairs, frame changes and structural repairs to aluminum bodies.


Chief Velocity Scanner

Chief Velocity Scanner

Chief Measuring System Tags

Chief Measuring System Tags

Frame Measuring

Chief’s Velocity is the digital measuring system the industry turns to most for frame straightening, after all, it is the world’s most accurate frame measuring system. Velocity’s sophisticated laser technology not only identifies damage you can see, but primary and secondary damage you can’t see, helping our technicians develop more efficient repair plans thus eliminating comebacks.

Chief’s Velocity’s scanner targets and eliminates distortion while delivering pinpoint accuracy. This allows our technicians identify incorrect pull set-ups BEFORE they are made to prevent additional damage and speed up the collision repair process.
repaired to factory OEM specifications