Estimating “Blueprinting” Process

estimatingAt DRIVE Collision Centers we take auto body and collision repairs very serious and that’s why we go beyond the traditional estimating process to a detailed Blueprinting Process in our state-of-the-art body shop. To ensure your estimate is accurate and your collision repair claim is processed as efficiently as possible the experienced DRIVE estimators will utilize 3D software while disassembling parts to inspect behind impact areas to detect hidden damage. All parts are noted down to the smallest items, mechanical issues which may arise due to impact and whether digital frame readings need to be read. One of the benefits of this comprehensive Blueprinting Process is a one-time order, nearly eliminating supplement part or auto repair requests, which can slow down the collision and body repair process. After insurance approval, verifying that all parts have been received prior to the start of auto body repair is crucial to timely vehicle repair.

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Collision Repair Process

Once insurance approval is received our experienced DRIVE auto body technicians will begin repairs on your vehicle. There are four basic stages to the auto body repair process after Blueprint disassembly and approval. You may view your vehicle’s repair progress through our link. We can also send email updates, text messages or a friendly phone call. Whichever you prefer!


Body Repair & Finish
Our qualified technicians use the highest quality materials to repair your vehicle. All parts are repaired to factory specifications. If frame measuring or welding is needed it will be completed in this phase. Along with our heavy-duty frame and digital measuring system we use the i4 Pro Resistance Spot Welder that is set to OEM specifications.
Once all repair and refinish work is quality checked your vehicle will then move to the paint department. A technician prepares vehicle surface for painting process. When preparation is completed our skilled painter expertly matches and paints vehicle in our new state-of-the-art paint booth. Once painted and out of the paint booth, the vehicle is quality checked and prepared for reassembly.
Your vehicle is almost done! As vehicle is in reassembly all parts are placed precisely, mechanical checked as necessary, glass installed when needed and alignment performed if indicated. After reassembly is completed and other miscellaneous tasks performed vehicle is again quality checked prior to release to detailing department.

What is better than getting your vehicle expertly repaired except for having it completely detailed inside and out? Yes, we detail every type of vehicle we repair. We are here to keep your collision and auto body repair process stress-free. If you need us to deliver your vehicle to you, we would be more than happy to, just let us know!