Collision Repair

Major & Minor Auto Body Repairs

Aluminum RepairSheet Metal & Aluminum Repair

For vehicles requiring sheet metal or aluminum repairs, DRIVE Collision Centers has the right technology and auto body repair equipment to fix any metal — including aluminum. We measure multiple points in real time with Live Mapping™ and repair all types of metals with a perfect weld every time. Rest assured, your vehicle is in great hands.

Paintless Dent Repair

In addition to specializing in big repairs, DRIVE Collision Centers state-of-the-art Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can remove sheet metal damage from automobiles without disturbing the original paint finish. Our certified technicians use this repair method from minor dents and dings to major hail damage. This exacting process not only allows for preservation of the original paint finish, but also decreased repair time and costs, including reduced rental car fees. Ask about our one-day repairs.

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Auto Body Equipment

We use a resistance spot welder which makes factory like welds. While other shops are drilling holes in your vehicle and using a wire-welding method, we only use the best equipment to ensure factory-like spot welds.


i4 Inverter Control Panel

The i4 Control Panel

i4 Inverter Spot Welding System

i4 Inverter Spot Welder


i4 Inverter Spot Welding System

The i4 Inverter Spot Welding system is designed to handle the difficult-to-weld materials such as Boron steels and Advanced High Strength Alloys (AHSS). These new metals are rapidly becoming the material of choice among car manufacturers. Our model has an OEM programmable feature where detailed repair illustrations and customized weld programs from the OEM can be stored.

The i4 technology not only measures, monitors and automatically adjusts the weld current, it does it on the secondary loop at the tips. By measuring the current on the secondary side of the transformer, it leaves no guesswork whatsoever.
repaired to factory OEM specifications