Premium Auto Painting

Expert paint matching & refinishing

Auto Body PaintingIs your paint scratched, chipped or peeling? Visit DRIVE Collision Centers.

The best automobile paint job requires the best paint, technology and experts. With DRIVE Collision Centers you get all of that — and peace of mind. Our Garmat down-draft paint booths allows our technicians to achieve the highest quality of refinish work possible and to simulate factory OEM finishes while reducing cycle times. Our cutting-edge waterborne base coat processes is designed to greatly reduce toxic emissions and hazardous waste. Therefore, all our collision repair customers in Michigan enjoy a faster repair and turn-around time while also helping us greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

At DRIVE Collision Centers we believe in doing auto repair the right way, so you always know your car accident repair needs are being assessed fairly, honestly and by leading professionals in the industry. We love your car as much as you do, that’s why our paint repair experts will make your car the envy of your neighborhood.

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Paint Equipment & Supplies

Our 12,500 sq ft repair facility is equipped with:

  • Three Garmat downdraft spray cabins
  • Two Garmat downdraft prep decks
  • StandoblueTM high-end waterborne paint
  • High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray equipment
  • Acquire Plus EFX™ spectrophotometer

Garmat Prep Deck

Garmat Prep Deck

Spray Booth & Prep Deck

We utilize the most advanced paint equipment in the industry to ensure a “factory look” finish in our new state-of-the-art paint booth. This system provides the cleanest environment possible for refinishing vehicles. Our drive-through downdraft preparation deck accommodates emergency vehicles i.e. EMS and fire trucks. Our heated downdraft bake booth cures the paint to ensure a finish that is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Garmat® USA spray booth

Garmat® USA spray booth

Acquire Plus EFX

Acquire Plus EFX

Color Matching

All our paint is mixed with a computerized paint system that uses LED technology to deliver extreme precision via 4 angles and the ability to read flake size with the advanced handheld Spectrophotometer Technology. The superior controls allow our experienced painters to blend your paint color perfectly no matter how complex.

Using advanced optic technology, Acquire Plus EFX looks deep into the paint film to acquire the flake and color characteristics that are the keys to determining a consistently perfect color match to any make or model. It also assists us in achieving the most accurate color match possible of complicated paints i.e. metallic, pearl and effect colors — faster and easier than ever before. It offers many advantages over current “camera” technology.


Our paint technicians use the latest in eco-friendly waterborne paint technology by Axalta Coating Systems (ANZ), (formerly DuPont Performance Coatings), to restore original showroom finishes on every vehicle. Standoblue has received global OEM approval from the top manufacturers around the world. It delivers exceptional results with a 1.5 coat continuous application process. We’re proud to be among the first auto body repair centers in Michigan to use these high-end environmentally friendly paints while ensuring a durable, long lasting finish for your vehicle.
repaired to factory OEM specifications